RETAKE // Episode 2 Cinematic - VALORANT


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    1. Nuwang Animation

      Can you make a Filipino agent also? since you make agents every country like japan, germany, Uk, china . :3

    2. Sang Im

      1:12. Anyone else got Winter Soldier vibes?

    3. The Modern Craftsman

      petition for riot to make a movie explaining the lore of valorant.

    4. san hook lee

      Yoru smurf and carry the game with 6 bullet sherrif,phoenix like toxic kid try to show him he is the best in this game,and lost ulti like a dumn shark

    5. Birb

      To be honest everyone has a glow up in the cinematic but not the game

    6. Eddie Scheppert


    7. Leo John Martel


    8. vitamin c


    9. Hiro& Zero Two

      lol no one asks why Phoenix ult was soooo long...the fight was like 3 Minutes

    10. Hiro& Zero Two

      Oh ma god Jett got better animated not like in episode one right? She seems better

    11. king gamer

      how did cypher go on top of the boxes hahaha

      1. Squirrel Shine


    12. Crunchy Melon

      At the end yoru sounds like finn mcmissle to me

    13. Red Atom

      Yoru and Phoenix = Crypto and Mirage

    14. Mob 100

      Better than the slowest update animation which is overwatch.

    15. Harrison

      every map in this game sucks ass

    16. Anime o esho ni kako

      1:13 it would of been so cool if viper actually had an ability like this, like ik she has her “smoke” but common t h i s f u l l o n s m o k e w o u l d b e n i c e

    17. FPS GAMER

      please support

    18. Anwar Braham

      they should remove female characters from at least trailers , i really feel bad when viper got killed :'( 1:31 look at her eyes

    19. Hy Phuyen

      Unfortunately, Phoenix doesn't know the meaning of waiting. At least he is good cover to make Jett gone away with the wind.

    20. S 4VAG3

      0:43 só smooth the way he opens it

    21. Proz Bros

      1:39 yo

    22. wdp Ventu

      Hey, Riot! Where. Is. Sova?

    23. Peter Lelo

      we want series or movies please

    24. Viper

      Honestly if valorant was an anime id watch it

    25. RayDaAngel Plays

      Phoenix ulti doesn't last that long bet

    26. MavcDoc

      Make more its really good and fun to watch!!!

    27. It's me

      Viper hot

    28. Slow Brain

      Goosebumps starts from 1:45 , everytime

    29. Paul

      Damn Viper looks hella fine in this video ;)

    30. GunplaJames 635

      Phoenixes ult lasted longer in this scene 😂

    31. Bro I got 1.8k kids in my basement

      Bro this is sick!

    32. raahimz

      we need more of this!

    33. Dietary Fiber

      They needa make a valorant movie bro

    34. Vijay Singh

      Wow wow keep going with episodes ❤️😁

    35. Kazstal

      what the fuck this man has a butterfly knife comb

    36. Xonology

      I guess their team was afk. Because its 3v2

    37. Fusion Cap

      so wait wait. Jett get shot, and then she falls down. Then she gets up again?

    38. dindin

      0:47 this part isnt accurate he wouldve got a 145 and phoenix wouldve died

    39. Just1s Fire

      Just let me play on fkin mac >:(

    40. Abigail Williams

      Me shooting a friend to see if friendly fire is on The rest of the military: 👁👄👁

    41. cuteminecraftgirlxdd123

      jett is so hot

    42. yvsdaddy

      Jett looks so good

    43. Tokage

      1:31 Viper current state:

    44. Mustafa Metehan Çaba

      Rioooot what are you waiting for now make a movie

    45. Lol Wut

      Yuro kills cypher Yoru :ez juan tap Cypher: 1v1 me bithh

    46. Michael Liu

      radiant cool hair man with an egotistical african fights smurfs in iron lobbies

    47. Lex Ksailord Reluya

      Plss make a water agent🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    48. Epic- Osirisdgod

      1:29 well thats the shorty before the nerf

    49. d3fn3

      btw i always realized that phoenix always does that nose sniff before he uses his ulti in animations and its so nicee

    50. d3fn3

      I LOVE THIS-

    51. Tea WaleSern


    52. Oliver Zheng

      The Jetts throwing so hard, reloads out in the open and she could’ve stopped the bomb defuse.

    53. Bryan

      0:45 me when my siblings try to take my one last pack of chips in the fridge

    54. Aditya Mahardika

      This is amazing in cinematic but in game Clutchh!!!!, Never gonna happen, when spike like that😂😂😂😂

    55. Citroullieツ

      Another character possessing *DRIP*

    56. Kakan Deb Nath

      This Is Best Agent

    57. Miles Redmond

      csgo: the anime

    58. Morpheus

      Netflix left the chat*

    59. Shin Adriel

      Valorant can you please make the penalty more more shourter

    60. Ondřej Horňák


    61. Igge-Reviews

      Jett receives a sheriff bullet in the head gets dinked for 145* I receive a sheriff bullet in the head drops on the floor dead*

    62. Legend69

      Top 10 gender equality Cinematic

    63. Pianoman

      Person on the radio sounded like Soap Mactavish a second there.

    64. Fabio Pauli


    65. tiktok barwl stars

      please Let the movie of valorant come out

    66. TurkKanat

      this map is not ice box

    67. Düellocu


    68. Posedon Xd

      more cinemeticks

    69. Lynxi_

      POV: the PE teacher said boys vs girls in dodgeball

      1. Lynxi_

        @Mark Elauria uh... we ignore cypher for now

      2. Mark Elauria

        but cypher was also on that team so its boys vs girls and 1 boy

    70. Apex Wolven

      Yoru and phoenix are like mirage and crypto like little brother and big brother realtionship

    71. pant

      i love viper sm

    72. Chica Fischbach

      The Valorant agents should have some simple skins for every map they fight on. Like Jett's hoodie cause icebox is cold



    74. exi1e

      "Friendly fire will not be tolerated" Yoru - She shot first

    75. 27 Xotiic

      D O M O R E O N O T H E R C H A R A C T E R S

    76. Anugerah Luki Pratama

      Only few days alr have 2M ;-;

    77. Kyle Justine Dela Peña

      I like skin of jet

    78. Da Dogee

      I wish they would add that effect when the spike is about to explode

    79. r a m

      as always, Riot with cinematics never disappoint me

    80. belle

      Karma on Jett lmaooo

    81. Irene Amadea

      daisuke-san did great voicing this gatsby man

    82. Rilles Johnlester

      Valorant can you add this game on mobile?

    83. Nguyễn Hoàng

      Sooo, Pheonix will have that really looong Ulti then?

    84. Vishesh Singh

      jett looking sexy

    85. Gamerstreater

      Are we not just gonna talk about that Phoenix sounds like KSI😂😂😂

    86. Aaron

      This would low key make a good show

    87. Tropixx_XLR

      Gunfights here look dope, let's all take a moment to admire the action packed scene here.

    88. Frank Kozar

      This new csgo update looks weird

    89. Cleiton Pereira

      Abandonaram o omen :(

    90. Kerchuball

      Damn Jett’s bullets were slow

    91. Ervin Viires

      Yo we need an actual movie lol

    92. TruckXGaming

      0:32 wait firewall isn't a ball?

    93. ninja chicken

      Jett got the Iron 1 aim

    94. Richi344LetsPlays

      Outro song?

    95. swami sambha

      A very different type of ninjutsu 🤔

    96. vorrteqx

      That was intense!

    97. Bengsu Bengsu Genius

      I just realized that Yoru used his ult to get to Cipher

    98. ʏᴏᴜᴛᴜʙᴇ

      Wow! KGup Likes it!

    99. Horizon

      This would be cool if we can actually do these things in the actual game but all end up doing are shift walking and peeking corners

    100. Johansen Palmiter

      Broooooooo this is sick but plllllsssssss put it on Xbox,ps4 all of them am begging you plssss